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LOW POLY STAR WARS SHORT from Bram Meulman on Vimeo.

5 seconds animation. Made with cinema and after effects.

Supreme Robot Loop from Bram Meulman on Vimeo.

Short walk cycle loop of a robot.

Music: bensound.com

Space in glass from Bram Meulman on Vimeo.

A loop of some stars and spaceships in a glass. Quick test in cinema.

sound by alaupas, space sounds.

DAFT SPACE from Bram Meulman on Vimeo.


Low poly opium field test.
Another quickie! Low poly turtle with pointy shit. 
3D low poly bear with colors and shit! Quickie
Meanwhile at work.

Journey from Bram Meulman on Vimeo.

I created journey with the intentions of making a film in several parts. This is part 1. Although I was excited about making the whole film I decided that it was too big of a project to undertake. And that I will lose too much time for my other future projects. So I decided to leave it by part one.

In this part it shows the main character stuck in a tree of life and awakening from it. A dark person arises (you may call it the devil) and gives him the option to wander free like the birds are in the sky. The main character chooses the easy option and not for struggle. The easy option in this case be that one of the devil.

The whole idea was to show the viewer a journey to the grave by a character. Although the character itself thinks its goal is freedom like the birds in the sky and better life. It has a far darker purpose when you get deeper into the story. Like forgetting his friends, family and surroundings that he meets along the way. As he thinks they are trying to withhold him from reaching his goal. They are really trying preventing his death. Just like a drug addict who is resenting his family and friends for taking his drugs away.

This project was made for a school assignment for the HKU in my first year. The project took 8 weeks from concept to post production.

Shot from a movie I’m currently working on. Digital painting in photoshop.